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Our mission is to provide attentive, comprehensive and compassionate
veterinary care for your companions.
Our goal is to work with you to help your pets live long,
happy and healthy lives.

Ann Brady, DVM
Ann Brady, DVM

We're sorry to share the news that Dr. Smith has left the practice to move with her husband as he starts a new job out of the area. We will miss her and wish her all the best.

During this transition the staff will do everything possible to provide the same level of care for our patients. Please make a note that we have adjusted our schedule. Hospital hours are now:

Monday - Thursday, 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Friday, 7:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

Wear a Mask!

We know masks aren’t comfortable, but we do require you to wear a mask when we come outside to the parking lot to speak with you and to pick up and drop off your pet.

Wear a mask!Wearing a face covering in public is now a North Carolina mandate, and it’s also our staff preference. While a mask doesn’t guarantee safety, the face covering will make your visit safer for everyone.

If there is a case of COVID-19 traced back to our hospital, all staff will need to be tested and quarantined for an indeterminate number of days. This means we will not be open during that time to care for your companion animals.

Please follow this good boy’s instructional chart on how to make sure both your nose and your mouth are covered. Thank you!

Statement of Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement
from Mebane Veterinary Hospital

The veterinarians and staff of Mebane Veterinary Hospital join in solidarity with communities around the world to support the Black Lives Matter movement and other struggles to end the dehumanization of people of color and to promote equitable and humane treatment for all people.

Link to Covid-19 guidelines and information

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